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Haile Grade 10 Vocab Puzzle

You Better get all these right.
There is a large _______ of races in the U.S.
The ______ warrior fought the dragon by himself.
Loud and harsh
Obliterate/wipe out
Public shame
The Mona Lisa is an ______.
He ____ out papers to everyone.
Desire for wealth or greed
Extreme chauvinistic patriotism, often favoring a warlike foreign policy
Feeling of regret for having committed some wrongdoing
Oddly amusing
Intentional deceit in speech or conduct.
Wild or drunken
We created an _____ to make fun of Donald Trump.
Outspoken; blunt
Unrelenting/ unavoidable
Expert in matters of food or culture
Lacking in self confidence; shy
Extremely poor people that lack necessities
The _______ man got angry at the smallest of instances.
Wide range or extent
To detest/ strongly hate
He ______ all the answers to the test when he found out they were wrong.
To banish; shut down from a group
Problem; difficult choice between unfavorable opinions
Scholarly; learned
His obvious ______ for the situation made it clear he wanted to be somewhere else
Throw overboard
Leader who appeals to the emotions of citizens to obtain power
Extreme hatred
Doubtful and distrustful of the goodness of others
Made up of dissimilar parts
Generous in forgiving
Professed, but not necessarily true
Foolish disregard
The _______ girl was too scared to talk to anyone.
Unyielding/ firm in opinion
Outgoing, expressive person
Excessively eager to deliver unwanted/ Unasked help
He was _____ for his incredible performance
To lessen in intensity
The ____ children were too goofy to go to a formal event.