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ETM Music Crossword

Highest member of the brass family.
Brass family; player slides to pitches.
String family; played while seated, held between legs.
Brass family; lowest sounding
Has 88 keys and stands on three legs.
Mouth organ
A ______ note gets two beats.
Popular string instrument.
Highest female voice in the choir.
To play "loud", Italian work.
Small string guitar.
The ______clef sign is for notes that are mostly above middle C.
Another name for the kettle drum.
Composer with many children.
The person who stands on the podium.
Woodwind family; can be either soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone.
A group of people who sing together.
String family; also called the "fiddle".
Highest sounding woodwind instrument.
Lowest sounding string instrument or voice part.
Needed with the mouth piece to play the clarinet.