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Lord of the Rings

Teacher: Mrs. Watkins
An _____ is an evil creature that works for evil
_______ is a very scary creature
_______ has a great shot with a bow and is a friend of Gimli
_______ is the land of the dark lord
________ the Grey leads the fellowship
_____ is Bilbo's and Frodo's last name
________ is a wizard and is now a servant to Sauron
________ is were hobbits live in peace
____ is a beautiful elf city
____________ can destroy Sauron forever
________ is the most loyal friend
________ is the ring bearer
________ Baggins is Frodo's uncle
________now wields the sword of Isuldir
_______ is a small, stout dwarf
The mines of _______ is where Gandalf fell
__________ is the dark lord