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Jesus Christ's Ascension

Who did Jesus promise to send to be their helper? (John 14:16,17)
To which disciple did Jesus come to remove his doubt?
Name another individual who ascended into heaven.
What is the name of the Sunday between Ascension and Pentecost?
According to Gospel of Luke, as Jesus parted from them, He _____ them.
Christ was ______ in His Ascension.
"...He led them out as far as _____."
Jesus departed this earth to heaven on _______ day.
Twice did Jesus say this to Peter, "Feed my _____."
To which city did the disciples return after the Ascension?
"Then ______ he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures."
The disciples were to be _______ of these things.
This event would come 10 days after the Ascension.
Jesus Christ now sits at the ____ hand of the Father.
Jesus Ascended into _____?
What does the word Paraclete mean?
"From thence He shall come to _____ the living and the dead."
According to Acts of the Apostles, Jesus showed Himself alive by many ______ proofs.
"John truly baptized with water, but ye shall be _____ with the Holy Ghost."
And when he had spoken these things, and they beheld... a _____ received him out of their sight.
What adjective describes what the disciples did as Jesus ascended into heaven? (Acts 1:11)
"...Behold, I send the ______ of my Father upon you:"
To which disciple did Jesus seek to restore?
How many disciples did Jesus appear to as they were fishing?
How many days after the Resurrection is Ascension Day?