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Teacher: Steve Knight
The motto of this labor union was, "An injury to one is an injury to all."
Management would sometimes hire __ to fill in for striking workers.
An economic and social philosophy holding that a system of unrestrained competition will ensure the survival of the fittest.
During the __ Strike, the Carnegie Steel Company used the Pinkerton Detective Agency to protect the plant so that scabs could be hired. This strike left three detectives and nine workers dead.
A business strategy used by late nineteenth century steel producers, in which they bought out the suppliers – coal fields and iron mines – to control the raw materials and transportation systems.
John Deere's invention.
Railroad expansion caused the contintenal United States to be divided into four time zones: Eastern, Central, Pacific, and this.
Removing this element from iron produced a lighter, more flexible, rust-resistant steel.
This 1887 act established the right of the federal government to suprevise railroad activities.
This 1862 federal law gave 160 acres to families to farm the midwest.
This marked the first time that the federal government had given money directly to corporations for internal improvements.
Andrew Carnegies belief that the wealthy had a duty to give their wealth to the less fortunate.
Christopher Sholes's invention helped this demographic group of people.
The new methods of making steel led to the first __ in Chicago in the late nineteenth century.
Thomas A. Edison perfected this invention.
The 1890 federal law intended to make monopolies and trusts illegal.
Provided federal land grants to start agricutural-based colleges.
The __ Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroads were the first two transcontinental railroads in the U.S.
A cheap and efficeint process for making steel.
Railroads made __ expansion possible for businesses and people.
The President of the American Federation of Labor.
Alexander Graham Bell's invention.
This person built a company town for his employees in the late nineteenth century. (last name only)
The Great Strike of 1877 was started when the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad cut __ twice.