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Developed the 1st economic plan for the U.S.
The department leaders who advise the President
The event in which the French government sent agents to bribe three Americans for over $250,000 during Adams Presidency
Considered the father of our country
Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the United States with this purchase
Jefferson was closely linked to this foreign nation
Important Native American who died during the War or 1812
Amount of terms served by Washington
Signed with Great Britain in 1794 that forced British soldiers to withdraw from forts on the western frontier
1st Supreme Court Justice
Allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, Maine as a free state and the 36/30 parallel as the border for slavery
This rebellion was led by a group of 2,000 angry farmers on the western frontier who felt the government was ignoring their interests by placing an excise tax on them
What political party believed in strict construction
Supreme Court case set a precedent for Judicial Review in the United States. Marbury vs ____
Lewis and __________ were ordered by Thomas Jefferson to explore the recently purchased
He wrote the Star Spangled Banner
Killed Alexander Hamilton
Early political party
President who passed the Alien and Sedition Acts
Who the U.S. fought in the War of 1812
Became a hero for defeating the British at the Battle of New Orleans
Burned down by the British during the War of 1812
This doctrine warned Europeans to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
Native American who helped the Americans explore their new land
Politicians eager to declare war on Britain because they wanted to conquer Canada
3rd President of the United States
Stated the government could interpret the constitution as long as it was not specifically prohibited
5th President of the United States