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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Biology Final Exam

The process by which gametes are made
If a structure has _____, then one side can be mapped directly onto the other side
Prokaryotic; may cause diseases; healthy ones live in the large intestines of humans
There are two of these, one from each kidney to the bladder
One of the products of photosynthesis
The brain and spinal cord belong t this division of the nervous system
This cell type does not have organelles
These have traits which are passed from one generation to the next
The combination of male and female gametes
Attaches muscle to bone
Red blood cells; has hemoglobin which carries oxygen to body parts
The study of how organisms relate to each other and their environment
Cells which make the female gamete, ovum
The process by which food moves from the esophagus to the anus
The most attractive part of a flower
Non-living; causes diseases
The largest internal organ of the human body
Structures inside a cell
The underside (belly side) of an animal
Secreted from the pancreas; converts glucose to glycogen
The Creation day on which fish and birds were made
A fertilized egg
The reverse chemical reaction of photosynthesis; energy is generated in the cell
Eats both plants and animals
The process of changing from one form to another
Birds do not have this; it stores urine
The part of a body where the head is located
A nerve cell
The male part of a flower
The balance of biological systems
Tibia, carpals, ribs, skull, femur, and sternum are examples of this body part
The study of life
One of the five senses
Not an insect; has 8 legs