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8th Grade Vocabulary Units 6-10

She might not be a great academic student, but she is a(n)_____________________ when it comes to music.
After she chose to go to a different school, her old friends treated her like a____________________.
It is wise to use a ____________________ to protect your privacy when you chat on the internet.
To fend off, avoid; a defensive movement:___________________
Showy and flashy but lacking gin good taste:________________________
A kind of weasel; to search or hunt out:____________________
Even experienced actors experience _____________________________ before they take the stage.
My parents often threaten that if I do not behave, they will send me to a military school with a strict_______________________ reputation.
To annoy, anger, confuse or baffle:____________________
After a careless accident measuring chemicals, the scientist was forced to_____________________ the results of weeks of experimental research.
After the athlete’s injury, she spent several weeks with a physical therapist to_____________________ her ankle.
The forest ranger told the boy scouts to be careful on the trail because rattle snakes like to ______________________ in the sun during mid-day.
an imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind; (v.) to desert a cause or organization:__________________
Our platoon was ordered to___________________ the enemy’s bunker in the middle of the night.
The athlete’s attorney was sent as his____________________ to sign his sport’s contracts.
The____________________ of our basketball season was winning the championship game.
to exclude from a group, banish, send away:_______________________
Unless the farmer sprays with pesticides, swarms of beetles will____________________ his crops.
When they realized that there was no way they were going to win the war, they had to__________________________ to the demands of their enemy.
to pronounce distinctly; to express well in words:_______________________
Under the shadow of a black veil, Mrs. Kennedy stood still and______________________ during her husband’s funeral procession.
A short club used as a weapon; to strike with a heavy club:________________
Yikes! The model’s___________________ figure looked like death walking down the runway.
There was an unfortunate train collision at the______________________ of Elm Avenue and Main Street.
Puzzling, mystifying, ambiguous:___________________
Short, rude or brief statement:___________________
Please leave out all the emotional details and only give the________________________ information in your witness statement.
Subject to odd ideas; playful fanciful:______________________
To become used to; done without having to think about it:________________________
To blame, scold, find fault with:________________________
The greatest in strength or power; most common:__________________
able to hold, keep, or recall knowledge easily:_______________________
Wow, we have been tight______________________ ever since we met in the second grade.
A(n)______________________ employee stormed out of his boss’s office and quit his job after two years of hard work without a raise.
My mother’s ________________________ comments can be hard to take but at least I know I can count on an honest answer.
Little brothers and sisters tend to use the older siblings as________________________ to get out of trouble.
Nevel shook his fist in the air and sneered, “You’ll _______________________ the day Carly Shay.”
withdrawn, standing apart from others by choice:______________________
A quality or characteristic belonging to someone or something:___________________
Skillful in the use of hands; clever:_______________________
The stealthy cat began to slowly_______________________ upon the rabbit hole in hopes that one might carelessly pop out.
embarrassed or ashamed:____________________
My neighbor is a crotchety____________________ who walks his dog in the middle of the night so he does not have to talk to anyone.
Scientists have found cures for diseases from______________________ plants found in the rainforest.
Lowly, lacking in importance or dignity; a person who does an unpleasant task:________________________
To join at one end or be next to; to support, prop up:_________________