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Ms. Brownell's Art Crossword

What the OP in Op Art stands for. Refers to a type of illusion.
Draw _____ until it's right!
A word that imitates a sound of an object.
This color is a light value of red. You can get this color by mixing red and white.
A career in the arts. This person designs buildings and often oversees their construction.
The type of art that Roy Lichtenstein is famous for.
Ms. Brownell's favorite color.
This element of art refers to how light or dark something is or appears.
This is an art form that can be digital or dark room. Think instagram or old family scrapbooks.
Our class rules are: respect each other, listen to instructions, take responsibility and ______.
The path of a moving point and and element of art.
This principle of art is when you use repeating symbols, shapes, colors, or lines over and over.
Ms. O'Keeffe's first name. She is best known for painting flowers and nature.
The color you get when you mix together blue and yellow.
A piece of art made by combining or gluing several different images or objects together to create a new image.