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Introduction to Sociology
A norm governing everyday behavior whose violation raises little concern.
A segment of society that has distinct patterns and rules that are different from the patterns of larger society.
..of passage (A ritual making the symbolic transition form one social position to another.
An established standard of behavior maintained by a society.
Assumption that one's own way is the right way or normal.
Governmental social control.
The ideology that is a set of cultural beliefs and practices that helps maintain powerful social, economic, and political interests.
A cultural item spreads from group to group.
A penalty or reward for conduct concerning a social norm.
Making known the existence of an aspect of reality.
A collective conception of what is considered good, desirable, and proper in a culture.
The feeling of disorientation people experience when in different cultures.
A norm that is generally understood but not precisely recorded.
Norms deemed highly necessary to the welfare of society.
Combining existing cultural items into a form that did not exist before.
This culture is the physical aspects of our daily lives.