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Mood Disorders

Teacher: Brenda Dechant
65% of cases can be treated successfully with medication.
The goal of continuation treatment is to prevent what?
Specific defense mechanism used to block mourning.
Loss of pleasure.
Common side effect of all anti-depressants (2 words).
The expected outcome when working with a client with depression it that they will return to this level of functioning.
A subjective feeling state.
Used with depressed patients resistant to drug therapy.
Evidence suggest what role is most significant in the cause of recurrent depression and bipolar disorder.
Used with depressed patients resistant to drug therapy.
Loss of pleasure.
A first line of treatment for patients with acute mania.
Minimum weeks before anti-depressant becomes effective.
A delayed grief reaction uses this defense mechanism in an attempt to avoid intense distress.
Class of anti-depressant drugs that are lethal in overdose.
Medical emergency requiring rapid treatment.
A subjective feeling state.
A subjective state that follows loss.
The goal of acute treatment is to eliminate what?
The goal of maintenance treatment is to prevent what?
Highest priority when caring for patients with severe mood disorders.
Used in the treatment of Bipolar disorder.
This type of crisis can result when tyramine products are consumed with MAO inhibitors.
65% of cases can be treated successfully with medication.
A major problem among patients with bipolar disorder, and it limits the effectiveness of the medications.
Foods containing this must be avoided when using MAOI medications.
A disorder resembling bipolar disorder but with less severe symptoms.
Used as treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder .
Rash side effect can indicate a potential life threatening issue.
Present in most people who suffer from depression.
The minimum number of weeks before an anti-depressant medication can possibly be effective.