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Studio Art Final Review

Name: _______________________________

Ms. Ingald                                            Studio Art
The arrangement of the Elements of Art on any surface.
Colors made by mixing 2 primary colors. Green, Violet, and Orange
2D, flat. An enclosed line
Colors that advance in a composition. Red, Yellow and Orange
A trick played on the eye
The type of symmetry that is circular and balanced around a central access
Colors that are opposite on the color wheel. Red & Green, Blue & Orange, and Yellow & Violet
Colors that recede in a composition. Blue, Violet, and Green
The original colors. Make all other colors of the rainbow. Red, Blue, and Yellow
A post-impressionist painter who created the Starry Night
The space that is used in a composition. The subject matter
Any mark on a surface created with a pointed tool
She was an artist who created Optical Illusions during the 50's & 60's
One color plus its lights and darks
Refers to the space that surrounds the subject in a composition
What your eye sees when light is reflected off an object
The point on the horizon line where all converging lines meet
The materials used in a composition
A technical form of drawing, used to show the illusion of depth. first used by Renaissance artists
The line where the sky meets the land
When you add white to a color to make it lighter
3D, an actual object. Height, Width, and Depth
When you add black to a color to make it darker
A surface quality. the way something feels
The lightness and darkness of a color