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Education, Careers, and Entrepreneurship

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The amount of money you get to take home after taxes and deductions
Payment for work, usually calculated in periods of an hour
Income from investments, interest, and earnings, including the sale of an investment at a higher price than you paid for it
Income produced by working at a job as an employee
When income is greater than expenses
Income earned from things you own such as houses, land, or other buildings as well as money earned from books, software, or music you have written
A portion of an employee's wages deducted for taxes
Your line of work
The charge for going to a school, college, or university.
Payment for work, usually calculated in periods of a week or longer
A person who works for someone else for money
The total amount an employee is paid along with any benefits he employee receives
A person who organizes and runs a business--and assumes the risks associated with the business