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The Legacy of Rome in the Modern World

As well as planets, Rome gave its name to several____
The type of mural, painted on moist plaster with water-based pairts
Many modern___ codes based in part on Roman ideas
A building material which allowed Romans to build much bigger arches than anyone had attempted before
A huge monument built to celebrate great victories or achievements
A type of building, invented by the Romans, such as the Colosseum
The construction which allowed Romans to bring fresh water to towns and cities
The Roman innovation, taken from Greece by way of Etruria, which we still use today
Romans believed that there was a universal law of ____that came from nature and which gave everyone rights
The style of art which mixes Greek and Roman
The philosophy, from Greeks, which prize duty and the welfare of the community over personal comfort
A magnificent temple, famous for its huge dome, which still stands in Rome today
A painting on a wall
The Romans built a vast network of ____ almost 53,000 miles connected Rome with the frontiers
A gem that is carved to show a portrait of a person head or a scene
An arch used to support a ceiling or roof