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Crime and Punishment

Raskolnikov's sister
Justice for wrongdoings
Unlawful actions
Detective on the case of the murder
Raskolnikov's description of those whom the laws did not apply
Housekeeping in Raskolnikov's Apartment
Raskolnikov's mother
Disturbed state of mind
Book's protagonist/ antagonist
Act committed by Raskolnikov which the book is centered around
Morally bad/ wicked
Generous/ Giving, used by many to describe Raskolnikov
Wicked man who spied on Raskolnikov and loved Raskolnikov's sister
Setting of the book
Obsessing over one thing
Attempted to frame Sonia and was set to marry Dunia
Feeling of knowing you have done wrong
Drunkard run over by horses
Weapon used to murder
Loved Raskolnikov; worked as prostitute