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William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"

Teacher: Mr Sindlinger's Idiosyncratic Puzzles
This Roman name is both the first name of an unlucky Roman poet and it is also the first name of one of Caesar's assassins.
Even though the play is named for Julius Caesar, this character in comparison has the largest portion of dialogue from the spoken lines of "Julius Caesar."
This is the Arabic number of acts, not scenes, that govern each one of Shakespeare's plays.
He shakes the hands of all of Caesar's murderers.
A very large time period both of World History & of Literary History, a time period in which Shakespeare wrote his plays, poems and sonnets.
The five words of the entire sentence of the Soothsayer's warning as it is heard In Act I, scene 2. (Note too that there are no spaces in this puzzle between each of its five words plus there is no end-mark punctuation or period.)
This is an adjective, having the classic adjective suffix of "..ive." It basically means the power of a word's other meanings outside of its purely literal meaning.
The name of the ringleader or the assassins, this aristocrat once saved Julius Caesar from drowning.
This young Roman is the grand nephew of Caesar. After the play ends, in history he takes his dead great uncle's name and makes it into a title for all future Roman rulers; this young man will become the Roman Empire's first Emperor or "Caesar."
This great Roman philosopher was reportedly witness to Caesar's; according to Shakespeare, he played a part in the assassination plot of Caesar. In the play "Julius Caesar," he is reported as being killed by the revenge purge overseen by Octavian and Antony.
This victim of violence led his many Roman soldiers in bloody battles that won spoils of war for Rome. Reportedly, he also imposed rent control when he ruled Rome.
It is the name of the wife of one of the conspirators; she kills herself by "swallowing fire."
Caesar's wife who has a nightmare.
This is the name of a violent thunderstorm & its sounds were faked offstage for Act I, scene 3's performance.
The short five-letter name of a theater in London, England, and it is where Shakespeare's plays were performed.
This is a technique of style prevalent throughout Antony's speech, when words often mean the opposite of what is stated.
This is the simplest form of irony and it usually is a comment which means the opposite of what is said.
This Roman writes a letter of warning for Caesar but it is never read by Caesar.
This is an adjective with the suffix "ive"; it means the word's literal, limited contextual meaning.
The assassin who strikes Caesar first while Caesar is not looking, from his back.