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Culture believes women have greater authority. (ex: African, Native American)
Customs and traditions: reflect and teach a cultures values (songs, plays, drawings)
Customs and traditions: Diverse issue that arranges beliefs about God or multiple Gods depending on your culture
A group of people within a society who share certain beliefs, values and customs
One of the "5 Themes of Geography" that describes the position on the earths surface.
term that refers to a population of animals, plants, or other organisms that are separated from exchanging genetic material with other organisms of the same species
This is your immediate family: wife, husband, and children. Most common in industrial societies.
A cause of a change in culture because of new skills and tools people use
Customs and traditions: distribution of goods and services within a society or a given geographic area. (dollars, pesos, etc)
All the things that make up peoples way of life- passed on from elders.
One of the "5 themes of geography" which is humans interacting on the earth. This is permanently geographic, weather its by telecommunications or ship.
Culture who believes men have greater authority and elders make decisions.
Customs and traditions: the governing body of a nation, state, or community
Customs and traditions: Way people communicate within their culture
Customs and traditions: social rules (right vs wrong)
How a culture organizes its members to meet their basic needs.
One of the "5 themes of geography" that is the essential geographic feature. It is any unit of space that is unified by the presence of some characteristics.
Judging other cultures by the standards of their own culture. (Feeling your racial group is superior to another)
This is several generations of family (ex: grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins)
The movements of ideas or customs from one place to another. (ex: diff restaurants aka: Chinese, Mexican Italian- clothing from other countries)
One of the "5 Themes of Geography" that are described by the physical and human characteristics that make them what they are.