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Spelling Lesson 31

dry land with few plants and little rainfall
appreciative of benefits received; thankful
the quality or state of being quiet
of, relating to, or characteristic of the Middle Ages
a course of usually sweet food, fruit, or cheese usually served at the end of a meal
very unusual or strange
of or relating to Europe or its people
knowledge of right and wrong and a feeling one should do what is right
the act of referring; use as sources of information
of, related to, or being a person living in the U.S. from or whose ancestors were from Latin America
the act of acknowledging; something done or given in return for something received
an arrangement of time into days, weeks, months, and years
highest in rank or authority; most important
a business place where meals or refreshments may be bought
to fill with wonder or amazement because unexpected
close similarity in the final sounds of two or more words or lines of verse
to set or keep apart
beyond question or doubt; completely
ornamental pieces (as rings and necklaces) worn on the person
twelve in ordinal order
a person born or living in Japan
having certain or distinct limits
adapt; to bring into agreement
a written statement saying that money or goods have been received
harming or intended to do harm