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Fourth Grade ATA Trivia

A group of girls who tries to change the world
The subject where you sing your hearts out
The neighborhood that our school is in
The time for playing after you eat
The subject where you use creativity to make masterpieces
The sport that Mr. Brice gives awards for
The main character in our novel
This teacher only taught for 4 months this school year
The number of children Mrs. Quinn has
Where everyone eats lunch
Zero marks on the chart results in ___ ___ status
The name of our song from the spring show
This teacher went to college with Mrs. Esken
This teacher always says "Spaghetti!"
The number of pugs Mrs. MacIsaac has
The skill where you use what you know plus what you read to create an answer
This event requires hard work and hundreds of projects get displayed in the main hall
Mrs. Esken's favorite color
The number of children Mrs. Esken has
This teacher and Mrs. Esken have been on the 4th grade team together for 10 years!
She is in charge of the yearbook
This group wins first place at adjudication every year
This teacher has a dessert as part of her name
Created the Hall of Fame at ATA
A comparison that uses "like, as or than"