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Geometry Vocab

Contains "if and only if"
A specific case that shows a conjecture is false
A point that divides, or bisects, a segment into two segments.
A polyhedron with two congruent faces called bases.
Over 90 degrees
A transformation that preserves length and angle measure.
A transformation that uses a line of reflection to create a mirror image
A quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel.
Part of a line that consists of a point called an endpoint
Part of a line that consists of two points called endpoints.
Two lines that intersect to form a right angle.
A geometric drawing that used a limited set of tools
0 degrees to 90
Negating the statement and switching it
The distance around a circle
Cuts and object into two equal parts
Two adjacent angles whose non common aides are opposite rays
Exact similar parts facing each other or around an axis
A transformation in which a figure is turned
The opposite of a statement
Equal on all sides
2 congruent sides
A closed plane figure.
90 degree
Two lines that do not intersect and are coplanar
A rule that is accepted without proof
An equation that states that two ratios are equal
Half of the diameter