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An object that helps you do work
Identify the problems and successes with an investigation and suggest solutions for improvement
A device that performs math problems with numbers entered by hand
An instrument that uses a small magnet to show the directions North, South, East and West
A reason, cause, or an answer
A sign of proof; figures, numbers, data, and logic
A container used to measure the volume of liquids
An instrument that measures Earth's gravitational pull on an object
Cylinder shaped glass container used to mix or heat liquids
A plastic or glass container in which plants grow
The process of using tools to observe an object's properties like mass, volume, temperature, etc.
An instrument that uses a lens to make tiny things look larger
A tool used to measure mass that features three beams with sliding masses
A tool that measures temperature
An object made of clear plastic or glass that bends light rays
Look at closely and carefully
Expected to happen
A two-sided instrument that measures of the mass of a solid substance
A plastic or glass container filled with water, fish, and other aquatic animals
To compare the actual outcome of the experiment (results) with your predicted outcome (hypothesis)