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Chemistry in the enviorment

All the water on earth's surface and atmosphere is referred to as what?
The most abundant element in the earth's core is what?
The measure of the mass of salts dissolved in seawater
The lowest layer of earth's atmosphere
The name of the process that removes salt from seawater
The layer of atmosphere directly above the mesosphere is called what?
What is the natural warming effect that is caused when some atmospheric gasses are present in the atmosphere?
The term for the smog created when sunlight reacts with pollutants in the air
What happens when sulfur containing compounds are present in the troposphere?
The layer of the earth's atmosphere that contains the ozone
The condition in which global temperatures rise is known as what?
Chlorofluorocarbons contributes to the ________ of the ozone
What is the most abundant element in the lithosphere?
The Part of the atmosphere that shields the earth from high energy solar radiation
Smog producing pollutants are introduced to the atmosphere by the burning of what?
The layer of the atmosphere directly above the stratosphere is called what?
The very last layer of earths atmosphere directly above the thermosphere is called what?
Name of the process that converts nitrogen to the usable form
A waste product of cellular respiration and is also a greenhouse gas
What is the most abundant element in the earth's entire atmosphere?