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American Revolution

Ms. Deksnis, Room 305
A smooth bore gun with a long barrel that fired lead balls.
A set of documents and laws that define the government of a country.
A branch of government that has the power to make laws.
The group of thirteen states that united together.
Citizens who were prepared to fight. They held drills a few times a year and had their own weapons and gear.
The first ten amendments to the Constitution that guaranteed the rights of the individual.
he overthrow of a government to establish a new system.
A treaty signed by both the United States and Britain that ended the Revolutionary War.
Part of the Massachusetts militia that was prepared to fight at a moment's notice.
A person in America who stayed loyal to Britain and the king.
An American that wanted independence from Britain.
A group of patriots organized by Samuel Adams to protest the Stamp Act and other actions of the British government.
A nickname for the British soldiers taken from their bright red uniforms. They were also called lobster backs.
An area of land that is under the control of a country, but not fully part of the country.
A type of government that is ruled directly by the people.
A tax placed on the American colonies by the British government. It taxed all sorts of paper documents including newspapers, magazines, and legal documents.