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Organic Chemistry

All the bonds in an alkane are____
All of these compounds contain benzene rings as a part of their structure
Butane has ____ isomers
Simplest organic compounds
Hydrocarbon that has one or more triple covalent bonds between carbon atoms
Hydrocarbon that has one or more double covalent bonds
Atom or group of atoms bonded to a hydrocarbon and is responsible for specific properties
Atoms bonded in different orders
Compound in which one or more atoms of carbon are covalently connected to other atoms
Same molecular formula but different molecular structures
Hydrocarbons classified according to the functional groups they contain
Alkanes, alkenes, and alyknes are examples of this compound
Alkanes are__ __in water
Four different groups arranged differently around the same carbon
Hydrocarbons where the carbon bonds form a ring
Ssomething in which adjacent members differ by a constant unit
Different arrangements of groups around a double bond
Straight or branched chain hydrocarbons whose carbon atoms are connected by single bonds
Carcinogens cause ____
Atoms bonded in the same order but arranged differently in space