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Aztec Vocabulary Review

An ancient manuscript in book form
Estate; plantation
A deity or spirit taking a physical form
An industry whose labour force consists of families of individuals working at home with their own equipment
A large raised area of mostly level land
Money and goods demanded on an ongoing basis
Salty; consisting of salt
A travelling singer/musician
An event or item predicting future good or evil
One who conquers; specifically, a leader in the Spanish conquest of America (Mexico)
Partially settled and partially moving around
The troops assigned to a military post
The dried seeds of a tropical bush, used for processing into cocoa and chocolate; used as a form of currency by the Aztec
A Meso American city state
The combined continents of Europe and Asia
A period of history marked by notable events
To treat with contempt; to look down on
A district that has its own Christian church and minister or priest