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Capítulo Uno: El Consultorio

A doctor gives permission to get this.
The joint between the thigh and calf.
If this is broken, a cast will have to be worn.
A common illness caught in the winter.
Someone does "this" when a person feels hot to determine if they have a fever.
The action that causes cartilage damage.
Contains the brain.
Someone has this if they are hurt.
What the doctor gives a patient when they are sick.
Allows for holding objects with hands.
The body's reaction to dust.
The person in school someone sees when they are not feeling well.
Someone usually gets one of "these" if they think they have a broken bone.
When a body part is twisted the wrong way.
People receive an annual vaccine for this sickness.
Allows food to reach the stomach once it leaves the mouth.
Connects the head to the rest of the body.
Connects the foot and leg together.
The place around the face where someone gets a pair of piercings.
What someone does if they have a tickle in their throat.