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Answer in spanish

Moving to music
Legal driving age, remember the accent mark
_____ & Order, SVU
Pursuit of news
Full size desk
Cuban rhythm
"_____ or not to be, that is the question."
"I am finished."
What college wants you to do for everything
At what time?
Spanish palace/mosque
Half of a conversation
Blond hair with ____ eyes
At an airport, ____ or depart
Old dry erase board
What you do to spy on your neighbors
People call 911 for this
Major requiring a lot of math; mechanical _______
To grab
Used to take notes in
Play an instrument
Number of countries where spanish is the official language
Used to draw on sidewalks
Largest pre-columbian american city
Opposite of exerting yourself
Service to earn money
Boring Texan City; color
Button pressed at end of an email
There is
Carries books and pencils