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Physical Science Final Review

The energy needed to heat up 1 g of water 1 degree Celsius
Measure of energy in a wave
Causes a wave
E-M waves from the earth
Absolute temperature scale
What steam does to give off heat in a radiator
If you can see something it is using this to transfer thermal energy
Where all molecules stop moving (2 words)
The relationship between voltage, current & resistance
Thermal energy on the move
Light is this type
All the PE's & KE's of all particles in a sample (2 words)
Charge per time
Responsible for Electric & Magnetic forces
Average molecular KE
Not enough electrons
Direction of Heat flow (3 words)
Heat transfer through particle collision
What is carried by a wave
Good source of DC voltage
This uses a bimetallic strip
What harms you if you get an electrical shock
Does mechanical work with electrical energy
What water does when it heats up or cools down from 4 degrees Celsius
Electrical PE per charge
These use convection in heat transfer
Clusters of aligned atoms
Man who must have had a fever when he designed his scale
Go from liquid to solid
Created by a coil of current-carrying wire
The number of poles if you break a magnet into 3 pieces
What like charges do
A swing demonstrates this
What happens when you see frost on your window
From crest to crest
This circuit has only one path
Turns mechanical energy into electricity
What the Earth's geographic North Pole is
All gravitational and some electrical forces do this
Unit of Electrical Power
Absence of thermal energy