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Ohio's smallest flying mammal. Lives in caves/mines and eat insects.
Rare but very large Ohio snake which eats mice and squirrels. Is venemous and has a rattle.
Tree found throughout Ohio that can reach 25 feet tall and produces sweet fruits in late summer.
Common amphibian in Ohio and has many warts. requires habitat both in water and on land.
Ohio dark gray or olive green colored fish. Typically 15-20 inches long and resides in eastern Lake Erie.
Large birds incapable of flight who forage in fields near woods.
America's largest rodent that lives in water, they make large burrows of sticks and debris in rivers. Have waterproof fur and webbed feet.
Common fish with a large mouth but it does not extend past the eye. Orange color in center of its tail, vertical bars along side.
This large cat was abundant in Ohio prior to settlement but since many have left the state. Eats reptiles, fish, birds, and deer.
Medium sized tree which is known for its heart shaped leaves. They grow lavendar pink buds in the Spring.