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Football Terms - Crossword Puzzle

Football Puzzle

The type of ball used
Protects the quarterback
Start the game with this, or, after each touchdown.
When the ball hits or touches the ground it is a ________ ball.
You get points when your team makes it
The team (side) that is trying to get the ball
A ball that is thrown by the quarterback and is not caught
Fighting, arguing or not respecting your opponent is an example of poor _________.
Defends against wide receiver
Person that throws the ball
The line where the ball is placed
The team side) that has the ball
Team meets to plan a play
The person who gives the ball to the quarterback
When the defender catches the ball that is thrown by the quarterback
Each play is called a __________.
A rule or player infraction (against the rules)
A good _____________ encourages and is helpful to the other players on his/her team.
When a player from the defense tags the quarterback before he can get rid of the ball behind the line of scrimmage.
Person who catches the ball