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Father's Day

Famous Washington DC Leader of Men
Lord Stanley
German diver
Cuban bay
Mined mineral
Hooper KD's first
Business address online
Compact Disc-
Spartan letter
__-if, in Clueless
Trainer calculation Abrv.
Confirming a bookie's opinion?
Fatherly threat "Or ___!"
Fireplace nuisance
Sugar cane sprout
Business process software Abrv.
Keystone State Abrv.
Moon Buzz
A Spring stone
A father's herbal advice?
49er necessity
Rocky steps Abrv.
Down barrel
Arizona Easy Riders?
Famous Cannibal
Not as a duck, but as a useless ER worker
The Man of Steel
Apex hunter
Edit a file?
Leslie, to friends
__ MTV Raps
Shore building with an Emitting Diode
They say to trust it
Mediterranean party place
A floating W?
Oriole home
In good ____
LIft hands in church
A pale beer
To figure out home value
A dessert for the lactose intolerant
Coffee fumes
A left winger convention badge
Stingy stock
Wu Tang Member, __ Dirty
Top of the church
Big cat cry
Pancake topper
Battle location to remember
Celtic Home
A pressed extract
Tool for non-erasers
An impossible 2
Doughy Slavic staple
Former Saturday night fugitive catcher Abrv.
Dead theater goer
Type of blockade
Sitcom intro song
Meditation sound
Sick, or slang for cool
Ram home Abrv.
Send someone a private note in social media Abrv.
Must sit to play
A Paris farewell
Minority complainer listener Abrv.
Hay eating TV star