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Saint Valentine

Author: Salsa
Valentine month
More miserable. I make myself happier or __ by what I think
__ de Janeiro
Foot digit
Trademark or greeting card company
French 4 friend
Sob. Don't __ b/c it's over, be grateful it ever happened
Adorer. Secret __
Male child. He who does not have God's __ does not have life. 1 John 5:12
Narcissist's 3 favorite words: __, myself & I
Valentine color
Pure. God will chasten those who R not__. 1 Corinthians 6:9
Sniff. U can't love life if U R negative; __ the roses. Joyce Meyer
The fear of man is a dangerous trap; __ God 4 safety. Proverbs 29:25
Actors __ Harris or talking horse
Spanish 4 yes
Example Given (ab)
Gift tags say __ & from
Not off
Mouth part. Atheism is more on the __ than in the heart of man. Francis Bacon
Deprive. The more U__ yourself the more U shall obtain from God. H.Bushnell
Crisis med shed
Qualities. Self-sacrifice & patience R __ of agape love
R is text 4 __
Old Testament name 4 God, __ Shaddai
Sweet treats
Persuasive. Tertullian's words R __: the blood of the martyrs is seed
Risk-free. Martyrs don't play it __ & equivocate
Biggest city in Syria
Neutral pronoun
News. Gospel is Good __
Igloo inhabitant kisses by rubbing noses
Views. The patient soul __ God's vindication
Secret agent, operative
Blossoms. There R always __ 4 those who want 2 C them. Matisse
Decapitated. Saint Valentine's persecution ended when he was __ by Rome
Internet address locator
Hurt. Ale can make U __
Courtship. February 14 is for __, but St. Valentine was martyred by Rome
Act. What U __ w/God now = what He does with U later
Resurrect. God will __ our mortal bodies to Paradise or damnation. John 5:29
Upper limb. Lovers stroll __-__
Likely. 4get yourself & U R __ 2 B remembered
Jesus' birth cut history into BC & __
Component. Giving is an __ of loving
Putrid. Brats R spoiled __
Vitality. Faith is spiritual __
Enigma. It's a __ Y God loves us, but it should be no __ Y we love Him
Apart. Pilgrims dug 7X more graves than huts but set __ a day of Thanksgiving 2 God
Ripped. Death __ my heart in 2
Scripture. __ is God's love letter 2 us
Desert water refuge
Substitution. Vegs in __ of meat
2 letters mean "It stinks!"
Avoided. If U can't B happy with what U have, B grateful 4 what U have __
Caramel buttery candy
Term of respect. "Saint" is __ given Valentine
Swiss mountain range
Title. Call on the __ of the Lord 2 B saved. Acts 2:21
Not more. I teach thee the way of peace: choose to have __ rather than more. Thomas a Kempis
Badger or hound (not the animals)
That is (ab)
Devilish brat