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TKAM Vocab Review - Chapters 5-8

Teacher: Mrs. Whinnery
A winged, chubby angel
Under force of necessity; obligated
Discovering with certainty; determining
Distant; unfeeling
Condition of being confused
Physically weak from age or sickness; frail
To carve or shape
Treating with preservatives to prevent decay
Following immediately afterward
Deviations from the proper course
Superior skill or ability; strength or courage
Gruesome, gloomy, or dark
Adhered to closely; clung to
Given to contemplation or deep thought
Difficult or impossible to understand
Approached in a harsh manner; assaulted
Inclination to perform charitable acts
Incapable of causing harm
Wakefulness maintained in reverence to another person, usually after one's death
Unspoken; understood without being expressed