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Sculpture: Ch. 9 Quiz

Teacher: Art
The sculptural technique of shaping a pliable material.
A measurable area of defined or occupied space
Shaping pliable materials by hands or tools.
Characterized by considerable amounts of space; open, and often with extended appendages.
Art of expressive shaping of 3D materials
Artwork that is graphic but shallow in depth to establish images. The space development may range from very limited "low _____" to more exaggerated space development "high _____" This form of sculpture is meant to be viewed frontally, not in the round.
The area between or bounded by the contours (edges) of an object; the total shape.
Replacing one material or medium with another.
Graphic art: a shape that appears to stand out 3D'ly from the space surrounding it, or creates the illusion of a solid body of material. Plastic Arts: the physical bulk of a solid body of material.
A natural film, resulting from the oxidation of bronze or other metallic material, colored pigments, or chemicals applied to a sculptural surface.
A technique where liquid materials are shaped by being poured into a mold.
Building up, assembling, or putting on material
A 3D'al moving sculpture
The quality of an art material: stone, metal, or wood that can be carved or engraved; an art form that retains the color and tensile and tactile qualities of the material it was created from; the quality of hardness, solidity, or resistance found in carved or engraved materials.
Interior or exterior settings of media created by artists to heighten the viewers' awareness of the environmental space.
The carving or cutting away of materials.
An area lacking positive substance and consisting of negative space, or a spacial area within an object that penetrates and passes through it.
The quality of simple massiveness; lacking any significant extrusions or intrusions.
An area that stands out from the space next to or around it due to a defined or implied boundary or because of differences in value, color, or texture.