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Mass Media Reading Final Exam A

– adj. – connected with beauty and the study of beauty.
– v. – To become ground down or deteriorate.
– v. – To receive from someone who has died.
– n. – A measurement or value which gives you an idea of what something is like.
– n. – Active strength of body or mind.
– n. – Beautiful handwriting that you do with a special pen or brush.
– n. – A grouping of a number of similar things.
– adv. – Without being affected by something; in spite of something.
– adj. – Behaving badly, in a way that is difficult to control.
– v – To do a lot of calculation using a calculator or computer. To figure out some problem by using numbers.
– adj. – Seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time.
– v. - To do clever tricks such as making things seem to appear or disappear as if by magic.
– adj. – Consisting of lines, or in the form of a straight line.
– n. – The way you behave when you are with other people or in a particular situation.
– adj. (film) – movies made by photographing a series of pictures, clay models or computer images.
– n. – A period of time that you spend working somewhere or doing a particular activity.
– n. – obsessive preoccupation with oneself.
– n. - A small machine or device with does something useful.
– adj. – Strange and difficult to explain.
– adj. – Having spiritual powers or qualities that are difficult to understand or to explain.
– adj. – Continually disturbed by an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty.
– n. – A strong and lasting effect.
– n. – A determining or causal (something that causes something to happen) element or factor.
– n. – The study of changes in the number of births, marriages, deaths, etc. in a particular area during a period of time.
– adj. – Happening at the beginning.
– n. – The way in which written material is arranged and prepared for printing.
– adv. – In a thorough and serious manner.
– n. – thinking about a past even or situation, often with a different opinion of it from the one you had at the time.
– v. – To move something such as papers into a different order or into different positions.
– n. – A special skill or ability that you have naturally or can learn.
– n. – A substantial amount, usually a large piece or amount of something else.
– adj. – Showing all the best or most typical qualities.
– n. – A small symbol of a computer screen that represents a program.