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Basketball Crossword

When the ball handler runs into a defensive player who is standing still
Shot made close to the basket
A quick score after a steal, blocked shot or rebound
When a player dribbles the ball, stops, and dribbles again.
A defense where each player is responsible to defend a specific area
Too many steps with the ball
A defense when each person on team covers someone from the other team
Shooting hand should be _______ the ball
The rectangular area that makes up the free throw lane
The white board with the square above the basket
When you have the ball, you can _______ with one foot but cannot lift it
In this position, you can shoot, dribble or pass the ball
Ball does not hit rim or backboard when shot
A free shot given to a player after a shooting foul
Using your body as a barrier to block out an opponent for a rebound
The guide hand should be on the _______
The round, orange part of the basket where the ball goes through
When a person passes the ball to the shooter who makes the shot