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Unit 1: psychology & research

Perspective of psychology that focuses on human's self-fulfillment and personal experiences that impact behavior or thought
Perspective of psychology that focuses on adaptive behavior from previous generations that allows organisms to survive (survival of the fittest)
Field of study that focuses on unconscious motives or internal conflicts and their relationship to behavior (founded by Sigmund Freud)
Subgroups in the population are represented proportionally (according to the target population) in the sample
Perspective of psychology that focuses on unconscious or internal impulses that impact our behavior
An example of this is when a person Feels better after taking a sugar pill because he/she expects to feel better
The factors that can change in a study (includes: independent and dependent)
An educated guess, usually tested by research or experiments
Field of study that focused on how mental processes help people adapt to their environment (founded by William James)
This person continued behaviorist research and introduced the concept of reinforcement or rewarded behavior conditioning
Method of observation that study people or animals in their natural habitat
Field of study that focuses on the study of observable behavior and conditioning subjects to act a certain way (founded by John B. Watson)
Method of observation that involves measuring certain elements like personality through a test format
Perspective of psychology that focuses on the impact of culture, gender, ethnicity or socio-economic status on a person's behavior
Observable action like walking, talking, drinking
Mental processes like dreams, thought, or memory
Standards for responsible behavior that foster human welfare and help maintain integrity of psychology research
The measurement of how one thing relates to another include positive and negative relationships
The scientific study of human behavior and mental processes
Method of observation that conducts an in-depth investigation of a group or individual
Newer field 0f psychology that focuses on how context surrounding information impacts a person's learning or interpretation of information