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Summer Spelling Crossword Puzzle (Based on Spelling By Sound and Structure 7)

Let's work together on the project and ________ on what we will be doing.
At the bookstore, there is a large _____ of books. You can select many different ones to purchase.
What did Judas do to Christ? He ____ed Him by
It's easy to see through objects that are clear or ________
Let's go here to see fish and turtles!
Spray this to get rid of bugs (Hint: Insects)
Past tense of transform
Oops! I tripped by mistake.
What does an illustrator do? He ________.
It is _____ for you to attend the after-school meeting about the bake sale. You must be there!
Do you need me to assist you in hanging up the painting? I can provide you with ______ and help.
Thank you so much for your help. I ________ it.
When you purchase things, you are often given a paper _____.
We need this to breathe
Something from very long ago. Hint: ______ Greece
You trust someone to carry out a certain task so you ______ that task to him.
This is the person who helps you "check out" and receives money from you at a store or a cafe
I give up!! I _______! White flag! White flag!
A widely held and unjustifiable belief in a supernatural thing
The painting ______ its viewers. People cannot stop looking at it!
Someone with many virtues is _____
Adverb of extreme
To withdraw from a country or group
An official order to do something. Similar to 16 across.
Be careful! This word often is on yellow and black tape.