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Unit 2 Vocabulary

The value that the variable is being x/÷ by
Graphic used to represent the location relationship between numbers
Mathematical statement that shows things are not equal
Does NOT include the solution's value in the set(< or >)
Multiplying a group by an outside factor is the same as multiplying the factor by each individual term
Operations that are opposite of each other(+/- and x/÷)
The four basic mathematical actions
Math that involved the use of symbols to represent unknown values
Number on its own(no variable)
A +/- step used to combine similar terms
A symbol used to represent an unknown value
Includes the solution's value in the set(≤ or ≥)
Dividing out a common factor between terms
Steps used to make the equation or inequality easier to solve
Numbers, symbols and operational signs grouped together to show value
Set of values that make an inequality statement true
Mathematical statement that shows things are equal
Multiplying terms by a common factor
A number, variable, or operational grouping of numbers and variables within an equation/inequality