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Culture Quiz

Poet who didn't want to go gently into the good night (2 words)
Uncle who does cunnilingus
Author who said there was only one catch (2 words)
Santa's alcoholic reindeer
Hockey defenseman's cry: "Let's get the ---- !"(4 words)
Marlon and Maria's lube
Halloween transport (2 words)
He coined the word "boobocracy"
Silicone implants for a gold digger (2 words)
America's only undefeated Native American tribe
The play about fat people had a ----
John Wayne's first name
City on its third name over the centuries
Dumb bird
Anthony's fatal attraction
What the Queen of the Silver Dollar ruled (2 words)
Dustin Hoffman's first name
Some July 4th leftovers in the parks, beaches or gangways
Stew for bad golfers