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Happy 141st Colorado Day!

Colorado Governor to allow women the vote
______ Massacre
Brighton cannery
Durango Anasazi site
Estes Park Gangs
Home to many dead dinos
Ranked "easiest 14er"
Last territorial governor
Jurassic resident of Colorado
Dwell along the NM border
Popularized the Mile High Salute
Early prospector turned naturalist
Clovis site
Invented in Denver in 1935
Mined near Empire
Served under #20
Last native language spoken here
Barrel Man
Russellville's namesake
Nil sine _____.
In clusters with 46
A smoky mineral
Or Bassick City
Unpermitted castle
Controversial La Junta novelist
Skyline Drive tracks
Boulder artist, Laurie
____ Creek Massacre
"For all those who wish to learn"
U.S. President signed statehood proclamation
HQ was in Denver
And Cimarron National Grassland
Dentist who fought in Colorado railroad wars
2010 Northwest Division Champs
Thrives on the foothills
Territory that died in 1859
____ Verde, or "Dangerous Man"
Sometimes with diamonds, near WY border
Fossils found near GJ
Opposed Japanese-American internment camps
Failed to reach the summit of his peak
First person to discover gold in Colorado
Saintly named state park
Home of the best stone fruit
"Banana Belt" city
Co-founded DU
Aquamarine, for example