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Bible Verses

Easter changes everything!
Work. Your __ is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:58
Calm endurance. The Scriptures were written 4 our __ & comfort. Romans 15:4
Tenderness. Let your __ be evident 2 all. Phillipians 4:5
Sob. There is a time 2 __ & a time 2 laugh. Ecclesiastes 3:4
Battle. __ the good __ of faith, take hold of eternal life. 1 Timothy 6:12
Explanation. Each of us shall give __ of himself 2 God. Romans 14:12
Reason. Pharisees watched Jesus 2 get a __ 4 accusing Him. Luke 6:7
Bowed. A man needing healing __ B4 Jesus. Matthew17:14
Gethsemane Olives (ab)
Ensnares. Throw aside the sin that so easily __ U so U can run your race with endurance. Hebrews 12:1
Christ. He said, "I am the resurrection & the life." John 11:25
Famous pharaoh @ Valley of the Kings
Dark hours. In the __ I remember Your name, O Lord, & keep Your Law. Psalm 119:55
Stallion's sandal
Smell. 2 the perishing, the godly have an __ of death. 2 Corinthians 2:16
# of God's Commandments
Recall. Lord, on my bed I __ about You b/c You helped me. Psalm 63:6
Iniquities. If we confess our __, Jesus forgives them. 1 John 1:9
Fresh. If anyone is in Christ He is a __ creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17
Illumination. The Lord shall be your everlasting __. Isaiah 60:20
Perks. Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with __. Psalm 68:19
Spirituality. If U don't bridle your tongue, your __ is useless. James 1:26
Pierces. The Word of God is living & sharper than any 2-edged sword & __ the soul. Hebrews 4:12
Wills. Bible verses R found in the Old & New __
Infant. Like __babies, crave pure spiritual milk. 1 Peter 2:2
Everlasting. He that believes on Me has __ life. Jesus (John 6:47)
Holy. Let me die the death of the __. Numbers 23:10
Goodness. God's __ is intended to bring U 2 salvation. Romans 2:4
Flood with light. God wants 2 __ the eyes of my heart. Ephesians 1:18
Sisters who teach the Bible
Devil. Jesus delivers us from the power of __ 4 the forgiveness of sins. Acts 26:18
Resurrection Sunday
Sliver. Paul was given a __ in the flesh 2 keep him humble. 2 Corinthians 12:7
Paw. Whatever your __ finds 2 do, do it with your might, 4 there is no work in the grave. Eccl.9:10