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Collective ideas about what is right or wrong and good or bad in a particular culture.
Activity forbidden or sacred based on religious beliefs or morals. If violated, you will be punished.
Sect that is opposed to the dominant culture.
Anything that meaningfully represents something else.
Physical objects that members of a society make, use, and share.
Abstract human creations of society that influences people's behavior.
The belief that concepts and values of a culture cannot fully be translated or understood by other cultures.
When people judge another culture on their own standards or are strongly committed to their own culture.
Part of the dominant culture, but varies in some important way.
The same
A situation where a person is expected to "play" two incompatible roles.
Rules that cover customary ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving but are not moral in nature.
A set of symbols that express ideas and enable people to communicate with one another.
Your position in a social system.
The knowledge, language, values, and customs that are passed from generation to generation among members of a group.
Customs and practices that exist in all societies.
Film discussing education in the United States
The behavior expected of an individual who occupies a given social position or status.
A wide range of cultural differences found between and within nations.
A widely held idea and oversimplified image of a particular person or thing.
Rules of great moral significance.
Rules that define behavior in a society.
Norm defined and enforced by the government.