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Sociology Crossword

The ability to look at the social world from a unique sociological perspective
Believed in communism (unlike what is practiced), macro theorist, focused on capitalism, interested in what the macro thought because it affects macro
How people interact and influence each other, the ways people are affected by and effect the social structures and social processes associated with the groups, organizations, cultures, etc. and world in which they exist
leading academician inspired by Karl Marx, studied and termed protestant ethic and rationalization
an economical system based on the fact that one group of people - the capitalists - owns what is needed for production (factories, machines, tools) and a second group - the proletariats - own little but their capacity to work
When rapid social change causes ambiguous social and cultural expectations and promotes feelings of confusion and disconnect from one's culture, this results. This creates tension in society and can result in the increase of deviant behavior
The macro-sociological perspective that shows how all of the parts of society work and function together to create balance, order and stability within a society. Balance or stability in society is desired, as it ensures a higher degree of survival for individuals
Power that is exercised legitimately, through institutions and is acknowledged by people subject to that power.
A belief, value or norm that is a part of everyday life (not associated with religious belief, value or norms)
The transfer of work to foreign contractors and societies
A form of government headed by a member of a royal family, usually a king or queen, where power is passed through birth.
An economic system under which the means of production and distribution are collectively owned.
a set of ideas focusing on the sources of conflict within a society
The world has become smaller by information spreading quickly between countries
A theoretical perspective that focuses on social interaction and socialization in order to explain society as a whole
A form of government where a small dictatorial group rules, often takes the form of military rule
Elements beyond everyday life that inspire respect, awe and even fear which allow people who believe in them to accept things they do not understand