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Chapter 16: Microbes & The Environment

Oxygen-producing, pigmented bacteria occurring in unicellular and filamentous and that carries out photosynthesis
An organism that breaks down dead or decaying matter
Second step in water treatment
The use of microbes to degrade toxic wastes and other synthetic products of industrial pollution
A large pond in which small towns collect sewage is known as an Oxidation ____.
Complex organic substance resulting from the microbial breakdown of plant material
Nitrogen ______ the chemical process by which microorganisms convert nitrogen gas to ammonia
Type of bacteria that indicates water contamination
Drinking water
An organism(s) that is/are the final users of a product
The form of bioremediation that modifies the environment to stimulate existing microbes to degrade a compound
An immobilized population of bacterial species living in a web of tangled polysaccharide fibers adhering to a surface
A series of interlinked processes involving carbon exchange between life and the environment
Most important element to all life
Group of organisms that live in the same area
The solid portion of sewage
Sum total of all living things
Organism (autotroph) that produces biomass from inorganic substances