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Teacher: BULL
quick and easy access to cash
guarantees 10% return annually
focus on only a few goods (ex. Scotty Bobs, skis
only provides coverage for a specific period of time.
the amount of money you pay before your insurance covers you.
bank will cover mistakes for a fee
total value of goods and services
North Korea
leads to economic failure
a place where the FDIC protects money
when you are physically unable to go to work, you can still get paid by this type of insurance
what your interest is going to cost you on an annual basis
a way of buying into a company and making a long term profit
sends money to banks to support loans
pay directly from your checking
the longer the money stays in the +/- interest will double
China – no change
taxes on imports such as cars which boost our economy
protects you if somebody gets hurt on your property
best way to accumulate wealth
wrote the Weath of Nations in 1776
shows economic health of a country
can never be eliminated
a tax included in the Federal Insurance Act
the way the government borrows government
make sure companies are honest