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Experiencing God

Have you ever been reading the ____when suddenly you were gripped by a fresh new understanding of God?
If you have not received instructions from God on a matter pray and wait. Learn ______
God will not tolerate any substitute for a _______ with Him.
God works in and through ____ to accomplish His purposes.
You _____ your life to God through the truth of God.
You come to know God in a ore personal and real way as a result of this experience.
God reveals His ways so He will accomplish His work through us in a manner that gives Him _____ and shows that He is God!
______ is not a one-way conversation where you simply recite everything you want God to do for you.
The Holy Spirit ____ you all things.
If you can't be _______ in a little God will not give you the larger assignment.
When God spoke the way he-communicated was often _____ to the individual.
God always takes the _____ in speaking to us and in revealing his will.
Prayer also includes _____.
God uses kingdom principles to accomplish kingdom______.
You ____ Him.
The first thing to do as you seek Gods will is to deny yourself.
You read Gods ____.
Sin has affected us so deeply that you and I cannot understand the truth of God unless the Holy Spirit ____ it to us.
The moment God speaks to you is the time to ______.
The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and reveals _____ truth you.