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The Cell and its Processes

What will happen to a cell in a hypertonic solution
Organelle that is only important for cellular division
Synthesizes complex polysaccharides, lipids and proteins
Solution where the surrounding cellular fluid has a lower concentration of solutes than inside the cell
Cell membrane is made of this arrangement of lipids
State that cell wants to be in; maintaining status quo
The movement of something from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
Motion of the cytoplasm that moves cellular contents around
Way of moving things into or out of a cell against the concentration gradient; requires energy
Organelle responsible for breaking down substances
Organelle in plant cells but not in animal cells
Type of cell with membrane bound organelles
Powerhouse of the cell
Solution where the surrounding cellular fluid has about the same concentrations of solutes as the cell
Small organelle responsible for the making of proteins
Organelles in the nucleus; where RNA is made
Network of folded membranes within the cell; can be smooth or rough
Type of lipid in cell membranes
The glycerol part of a phospholipid is this
The study of cells
When the cytoplasm collapses due to lack of water
The brain of the cell
When a cell engulfs foreign substances creating a vacuole
Jellylike substance inside a cell which holds all the organelles
Diffusion of water across a semipermeable membrane