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Ch 3- Culture

Interaction between people, companies, and governments of different nations
The practice of judging another culture by the standards of one's own culture
Cultural patterns that strongly oppose those widely accepted within a society
The idea that people see and understand the world through the cultural lens of language
A system of rules regulated by the government
The practice of judging a culture by its own standards
Norms for routine or casual interaction
A social position a person assumes voluntarily that reflects personal ability and effort
Cultural patterns that set apart some segment of a society's population
Patterns of social behavior
Norms that are widely observed and have great moral significance
A social position a person receives at birth or takes on involuntarily after birth
Traits that are part of every known culture
A perspective recognizing the cultural diversity of the United States and promoting equal standing for all cultural traditions
A concept that originates within a culture or society that affects the behavior or attitudes of the members of that society
The ways of thinking, acting, and the material objects that together form a people's way of life