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Maniac Magee Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Author: Matthew Hartness
To ask for earnestly, to beg
Having something added to increase strength
Handgrip or front part of the saddle
The use of tricks to deceive someone, pranks, mischief
Exposure to unfriendly attacks or severe criticism
A low roofed concrete building at a strategic military site with openings for machine guns
Making little or no sense
Showing a little interest or concern
Following a winding course, wandering aimlessly
Sad or lonley
Having an irritable disposition
An open building park
Risky,full of danger
Urged to action or forced
A long,slow and difficult journy ecpecially on foot
Full of joyful enthusiasm
To scold sharply or angrily put down, especiallly with words
Move or draw apart